Hot Tub Guidelines

We ask that you take time to read this information to ensure your safety and comfort when using the hot tub

A shower should be taken before hot tub use to ensure removal of deodorants, perfumes, make up, and excess body oils.

When removing the hot tub cover please remember to undo all of the clips. Fold lid back halfway first, cover lifter is fitted, hold firmly and pull lid to rear of hot tub. Do not lift bar up first as this will damage the clips on the cover.

Flip flops or similar footwear should be worn when travelling to the hot tub to prevent particles picked up on your feet transferring to the water.

Take care when getting in or out of the hot tub.

Please do not take glasses into the hot tub. Plastic containers are more suitable if necessary.

Controls for the hot tub are simple to use. Press the jets button activate the circulation jets, press a second time will turn on the full jets and a third will bring the hot tub back to circulation again, Light can be turned on and off via the light symbol button.

You can turn the jets off and on either side of the hot tub by turning the controls at side of the spa frog, we recommend keeping these on to keep circulation of your hot tub. Individual jets can also be turn off or down by turning these to give you the perfect conditions.

Please do not place items on top of the cover and never sit or stand on the hot tub cover whether it is on or off the hot tub.

The use of alcohol, drugs or medication before or during hot tub use may result in unconsciousness with the possibility of drowning.

All makeup, fake tan, sun cream or any other lotions must be remove prior to entering the hot tub, failure to comply may leave the hot tub unable to use for you and following guests. Should this occur charges will apply.

It is recommended that you don’t stay in the hot tub for more than 15 minutes at a time, although this period may be shorter for children. If you have any medical conditions please consult with your doctor before using the hot tub.





  • Have a serious illness, have a heart condition, high or low blood pressure, or any other medical condition which may affect your reaction to heat – consult your doctor first.
  • Have a contagious disease, infectious skin condition, open sores or wounds.
  • Have had a heavy meal within one and a half hours.
  • Are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Are a child under the age of 4.
  • Have recently exercised. Time should be allowed to enable the body temperature to return to normal levels.



THE ELDERLY: The elderly are more susceptible to the effects of a hot tub/sauna and should be extra careful.

CHILDREN:   The body temperature of young children will rise quicker than that of older children or adults using hot tub/sauna, due to their underdeveloped thermo-regularity mechanisms. Children under the age of 4 should not use the hot tub. Children over 4 should be supervised closely at all times by a responsible adult, and children (and others) who are unable to keep their faces out of the water should not use the hot tub. The amount of time spent in the hot tub/sauna should be limited and they must replace lost fluids frequently. Adults must be aware of the dangers of heat stress in children and ensure, from early indications of stress, that they are not at risk.

PREGNANT WOMEN: Pregnant women are advised not to use hot tubs/saunas or to seek medical advice before doing so.

DIABETICS: People with diabetes will need to check with their doctor before using the hot tub/sauna.


In the event of emergency please press button on side of fire extinguisher housing to raise the alarm, Emergency telephone within Laundry. Hot Tub emergency isolator next to Hot tub on site of Lodge.